Indian magazine accuses Canada of complicity with Sikh terrorists

Less than two weeks before Justin Trudeau’s first visit to India, as the Prime Minister of Canada, an Indian magazine published several articles accusing Canada of complicity with Sikh terrorists.

In its most recent issue, Outlook, published photos of Prime Minister Trudeau, which appear to have been taken during the Baisakhi Festival on Ottawa’s parliamentary hill in April 2016.

The article states that “Sikh religious secession-ism takes political proportions in Ottawa. “

The magazine publishes at least three articles that highlight the alleged links between Canada and the Sikh independence movement. 

One can read an interview with Amarinder Singh, chief minister of the Punjab, who last April refused to meet with the Canadian Minister of Defense, Harjit Sajjan, calling him a “Khalistan supporter”. 

The Sikh nationalist movement wants to create an independent country in the Punjab region, which would bear the name of Khalistan.

The article accuses the Prime Minister of Canada of having included “Khalistan supporters” within his government and of allowing the development of the Sikh separatist movements. 

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, says that “Sikh extremists bought a Uzi machine gun with Canadian funds”.

Another article identifies 4 Canadians of Sikh origin, who were wanted in India for providing arms and money to Sikh terrorists in the country. 

The lawyer of the Sikh World Organization of Canada, describes these accusations as “crazy”.

The visit of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau points to the development of economic and cultural ties between Canada and India. 

Trudeau seems to have developed a good relationship with his counterpart from India, Narendra Modi, with whom he met at several summit meetings 2 years back.

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