In reality, Rachel Notley got her wish on Kinder Morgan ruling

Just after a court ruling that killed the federal approved and owned Kinder Morgan pipeline, Alberta Premier held a press conference to criticize the Trudeau government and the decision by the court.

“Albertans are angry. I’m angry,” she told reporters Thursday night.

“Alberta has done everything right and we’ve been let down.”

“The current state of affairs in Canada right now is such that building a pipeline to tidewater is practically impossible.”

But, there’s a problem, Rachel Notley’s MP once protested against Alberta oil, which is being delivered in those very Pipelines Notley wants approved and built.

Robyn Luff, the NDP member for Calgary-East, appeared at a Calgary anti-Keystone rally in September 2011 holding a sign that said “No more dirty oil.”

Luff is still employed by the NDP and works currently works for Alberta taxpayers.

The Premier herself was also spotted at a anti-oil and anti-pipeline rally at the Edmonton legislature in 2019, the rally was called Occupy the Climate.

The image of Rachel Notley went viral on social media many times, but journalists who attended the rally for news coverage simply forgot to snap the picture, or so they think we assume.

Notley is only defending Kinder Morgan so she doesn’t suffer a humiliating loss in the 2019 provincial election, her plan to pull out of the federal climate change plan isn’t enough to bring back Pipeline jobs, it’s probably the best time to kick Albertas Carbon Tax out the window.

Rachel Notley has never condemned or apologized for her past anti-pipeline comments from herself and her MP’s, that’s leads me to believe Notley really got her wish on the Kinder Morgan ruling, which ultimately killed the project along with thousands of jobs.

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Emmy Skylar

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