Human Trafficking arrest made in Conrich, Alberta

Two people were arrested in Conrich, Alberta, on September 20 and charged with human trafficking. The Federal Serious and Organized Crime (FSOC) division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) took Amandeep Kaur Heer, 29, and Mohammed Sayeed Shukur Ubeydullah, 32, into custody while executing a search warrant at a home where the pair was living.

The Strathmore Detachment of the RCMP organized the warrant and arrest event after receiving a complaint from a trafficking victim. The following charges were filed against Heer and Ubeydullah:

• Criminal code section 279.01(1), which is trafficking in persons

• Criminal code section 279.02, which is benefiting from trafficking in persons

• Criminal code section 279.03, which is the withholding or destruction of documentation that refers to trafficking in persons

Inspector K.C.A. Lai, who works for the RCMP Federal Policing for Southern Alberta, said that human trafficking and exploitation was a top priority for Canadian law enforcement. Officers want to help vulnerable people and encourage them to report trafficking crimes in their communities.

Human trafficking is on the rise in Canada due to a large influx of refugees. Those who are freshly arrived in the country often find themselves without a place to stay or any means of support. This makes them prime targets of traffickers who promise them food, a warm bed and paying work. Even after finding themselves embroiled in sex slavery, many have nowhere to turn because their passports were taken and they have no money. Some fear for their lives if they report the crime. Others lose hope during their ordeal and choose to end their lives. In some cases, trafficked people are killed if they become uncooperative.

The pair arrested in Alberta were released on their own recognizance. They will both appear in Strathmore Provincial Court on October 17.

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  1. Extremely serious crime for these long and well established Canadian family members.. So serious that “You can go home now!”.. please come back and see us.

  2. “The pair arrested in Alberta were released on their own recognizance. T”hey will both appear in Strathmore Provincial Court on October 17.

    Who wants to place a bet on whether they actually show up for ourt???

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