Ford Nation’s Pro-Patient Healthcare Stance

Progressive Conservatives have campaigned to success in making Ontario a “Ford Nation”. The campaign autopsies are in full swing whereas the PC has work to do in transforming themselves from being in Opposition to being in the Government.

There are some criticisms for Ford in relation to his election campaign, that relate to lacks of policy specifics for proper and sustainable resourcing in healthcare. However, there are some aspects, an understanding of which could lead one to be optimistic.

PC candidates worked up a coherent attempt in listening and engaging with the healthcare personnel. This attempt is in contrast with the antagonistic actions of the previous government that scapegoated the doctors for all the healthcare discrepancies. Ford indicated the future collaboration with the healthcare workers to reach resolutions. This mirrors his understanding that governments cannot state their support for the healthcare customers if they are not working in close collaboration with the physicians and front line healthcare workers.

Past administrations have made sure a thorough mismanagement of the resources allocated for health care. They have reduced residency spots, have worked up unilateral actions to the detriment of healthcare workers and have caused hospital funding freeze. All this has led to a damaged health care system and consequently has harmed patients’ health.  

Ford’s campaign has managed to cater to most of the existing problems in healthcare by asserting their inclination towards bridging the communication gap between patients and healthcare workers. With this election, Ford is expected to make good on his campaign promises.  

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Emmy Skylar

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