Five Campaign Promises Trudeau Failed to Keep

Justin Trudeau may look like a former member of a 90’s boy band, but the man can’t keep a promise. During his election campaign, he made a variety of promises. He kept a few but failed to deliver on most of them. Many of which he hasn’t even addressed since taking office. This list contains five of the promises that Trudeau hasn’t kept.

5. Extending Parental Leave

During his campaign, Trudeau promised to extend paid work leave for parents. Currently, a parent can receive up to 35 weeks after the birth or adoption of a child. Trudeau promised to extend this period to 18 months, but he hasn’t said a single word about it since he became Prime Minister.

4. Electoral Reform

Trudeau pointed out how flawed Canada’s current electoral system was during his campaign. He stressed how little sense the“first past the post” system made. Then he won the election, and never mentioned it again. Trudeau actually promised nearly 2,000 times he would change the electoral system, but it appears that liberals don’t mind it too much since they won using it.

3. Skilled Job Training

During his 2015 election campaign, he promised hundreds of millions of dollars to train Canadians for skilled jobs. Conservatives have been saying that the reason programs bringing foreigners to Canada are expanding is a shortage of skilled trades. Trudeau seems to agree, but he doesn’t really care.

2. Government Transparency

In this case, Trudeau promised a more transparent government but actually delivered the opposite. It can be an exceedingly difficult task to receive information from the government. Trudeau vowed to make this process easier, but he has only made it worse.

1. Lower Debt

This is another instance where Trudeau did the opposite of what he promised. He pledged a $9.9 billion deficit for the 2016-2017 year, but deficit turned out to be $23 billion. His luxury vacations the Bahamas probably didn’t help much.

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