Far-Right Groups Demand the Removal of Sir John A Statues after Learning He Was an Immigrant

In an interesting turn of events in Montreal, far-right groups have asked for the removal of all busts, dedications and statues of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. The backlash has come after it came to the open that Sir John A was born in the Scotland and was in fact an illegal immigrant who came to Canada with his family look for a source of income.

Recent reports have surged that Macdonald was born and raised for a brief period in Glasgow. This fact has not gone down well with the patriotic and peace loving far right, who insist that running Canada’s affairs, is a privilege that should only be given to a person raised in the country. The privilege is not reserved for foreigners and people born and raised in the country should only be given the task.

One protestor wearing a patriotic shirt chirped, “That haggis-munching Sawney wasn’t even born here. I don’t support celebrating any outsider from coming into our country and running our affairs just like he did. Canadians are for Canada.”

Groups such as Immigration Watch Canada and La Meute have made reasonable claims that Macdonald was an illegal immigrant, and his family had come to the country on the pretext of being poor. In their pretext, they ended up stealing many jobs from hard-working Canadians. The groups mention Macdonald’s role as premier as an example of a job that should only have had been given to someone from the country itself.

Many Canadians fear the culture shock that could occur because of immigrants with conflicting interests. One person mentioned about immigrants from Scotland and their impact on the nation, “We need to stop Scottish immigration immediately or all of us will be playing bagpipes and golf.”

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