Experts worried about lack of proper testing for pot influenced drivers

As Canada moves towards legalization of cannabis, a new problem is emerging.

The government pledges to spend 81 million dollars training and equipping the police force with the knowledge and tools required to catch drivers high on marijuana.

The problem is that there is no tool to test if someone is under the influence of marijuana.

Blood tests and urine tests can show marijuana, but the problem is that marijuana shows up in blood and urine tests for days after consumption.

So, a person who smoked the previous day and is now driving completely sober will be detected as a marijuana consumer.

Experts have warned the government that the 81 million they plan to spend will all go to waste. Even though the government is adamant to come up with a solution to this problem and detect high drivers, no such solution exists anywhere in the world.

Experts insist that we need to focus on impairment tests instead of testing people for drugs or alcohol. Proper impairment tests will be able to catch people who are too under the influence to be driving.

As an added bonus it will also help the police prevent people who are sober but still impaired from driving. This includes people who haven’t slept enough or are too tired.

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