Ex-Gitmo prisoner didn’t know he could sue Canada until the Omar Khadr payout

Yet another ex-Gitmo prisoner is suing Canada for claims that his rights were violated in the American prison.

Currently there’s no proof that the Algeria man Djamel Ameziane suffered abuse during his time in prison, but he plans to sue the Canadian government for $50 million anyway.

Ameziane says he didn’t know he could get money from Canadian taxpayers until the highly public Omar Khadr case which won Khadr $10.5 million.

“For many years, I had the idea of suing the Canadian government but didn’t know how and honestly didn’t know it was possible until I read the news about the settlement of Omar Khadr, who was my fellow inmate in Guantanamo Bay,” Ameziane said. “The action I am taking may also make (Canadian officials) think twice before acting against the interests of Canada and Canada’s human values.”

Ameziane was detained at Guantanamo for more than 11 years but has yet to prove that he was abused, his asylum claim to Canada was rejected.


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