Edmonton to House Canada’s Largest Sports Dome

The Edmonton Scottish Society is set to build a colossal sports dome to assuage part of the growing requirement of indoor soccer fields. The dome will be built in the city’s southern region.

According to Antony Bent – general manager Edmonton Scottish Society, “This will be the biggest sports dome in Canada. It’s 135,000 square feet.”

Although the project has been in the pipeline for more than three years now, it was only a few weeks ago that the society undertook the groundbreaking for it – marking the official beginning of construction of what will be Canada’s largest sports dome.

Technical director for Scottish United, Kevin Poissant said, “Edmonton’s a winter city and we need appropriate places for our young and old athletes to train and compete in the winter months.”

For years, there has been an increasing demand for soccer fields in Edmonton as more and more people are inclined towards playing the sport. There has been however, a stark shortage of fields and facilities, which has led to general frustration in the population.

As per the plan, the dome will consist of four small soccer fields that can serve as practicing fields for seven-members-per side matches. When combined, the four fields will be a full-size, proper field that can be used to host national and professional level games.

“7v7 for the indoor game is the preferred model for Canada Soccer and in Alberta, we’re starting to see that style of play being embraced,” said Poissant.

Poissant also pointed out that the construction of a dedicated soccer field will allow players and teams to train and enhance their skills year-round.

“That could potentially have an impact, for many years to come, on Canada’s ability to maintain its position as a leader in women’s soccer, perhaps see our men’s team qualify for the World Cup. This is a small piece of the puzzle,” he said.

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