Edmonton Police investigate incidents as acts of Terrorism

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Police Chief Rod Knecht speaks to reporters after series of incidents where a white Chevy Malibu slammed into a police roadblock hitting a officer at 8:15 pm near Commonwealth Stadium after a Eskimos football game.

“The vehicle struck the officer, sending him flying into the air fifteen feet, before colliding with the officer’s cruiser, again at a high rate of speed,” Knecht said.

The suspect also stabbed the officer several times throughout the process.

The car had a ISIS flag inside the windshield.

Police Chief Rod Knecht said two hours later a UHaul driver was pulled over at a checkpoint on Wayne Gretzky drive, after Police got the I.D. of the suspect they realized the name was similar to the name who’s plates were registered to the Chevy Malibu from the previous incident.

The UHaul then took police on a high speed chase to Jasper Avenue and deliberately tried to hit people on his way, the UHaul eventually crashed and landed on it’s side.

The suspect was arrested and four people are reported injured.

Police Chief Rod Knecht said the incident is being investigated as an act of terrorism under section 83.2 of the criminal code.

The incidents happened late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.


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