Did Maxime Bernier Prove The Conservative Party Is Not Conservative Enough?

Recently the political landscape in Canada has shown signs of change after a few internal and external events have revealed a need for real conservative leadership. It all started when MP Maxime Bernier started to break ideological ranks with the Conservative Party; he made a few statements critical of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in relation to the government’s current immigration policy.

In essence, Bernier believes that the Liberals have gone overboard with their open borders policy. The Conservative MP mentioned multiculturalism and diversity in his Twitter updates, but his comments were widely misunderstood, even by his own former party.

Bernier has been accused of xenophobia, and he is going to have a hard time trying to clarify his stance on immigration, but Arthur Weinreb of the Canada Free Press recently published an op-ed piece that does a good job in this regard.

Weinreb is an associate editor at the Free Press, and he explained that Bernier is speaking on behalf of 35 percent of Canadians who feel that the Conservative Party is not conservative enough.

The argument presented by Weinreb compares early Canadian settlers, who were immigrants themselves, with modern voters who are only opposed to foreigners who arrive with no intention of integrating or actually becoming Canadians. Conservative Party leaders are afraid of espousing these views, thus creating an opportunity for Bernier to reach voters who feel disenfranchised on the issue of immigration and dairy supply management.

In the end, Conservatives should remember that Bernier is largely speaking for voters who have previously abstained from voting.

To a great extent, the Conservative Party is going through a shake-up that was sorely needed in 2018.

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Emmy Skylar

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