Controversial conservative psychologist, Jordan Peterson, weighs in on the possibility of running against Justin Trudeau

“I thought about running in the last liberal race, and I thought about running in the last conservative race…” said a conflicted Jordan Peterson in response to a question about his political aspirations.

Peterson doesn’t hold back as he criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his likely successor, Kathleen Wynne. He called Wynne “the most dangerous woman in Canada” and doesn’t think the conservative party can stop her, citing their disarray.

We currently have running the country, a man who cannot even take a QUESTION that includes the word “mankind” without interrupting to rebuke the speaker for not using the term “peoplekind”.

Will Kathleen Wynne be as big a propagator of political correctness as Trudeau, a man who selected his cabinet on the basis of gender instead of merit- another Petersonian criticism of the Prime Minister?

Enter Jordan Peterson- a wildly intelligent man with the intellect to make anyone look stupid on live television and the popularity to make it go viral. Peterson is potentially most known for making Kathy Newman look like a babbling buffoon for the entire world to see.

There may not be a better man for the job of successfully representing conservative values to millions of people. Peterson does have cold feet about running for Prime Minister, though.

“I could win, and then I could fail.” Peterson’s fear isn’t about losing. He fears something even more dangerous than that. Because Jordan Peterson isn’t ready or qualified to put in the amount of work necessary for fixing this country, he feels that his efforts would be more appropriately kept at the psychological level instead of the political level.

Whether Jordan Peterson runs for Prime Minister or not, all of “peoplekind” should be perturbed regarding the next election in Canada.


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Philip Hofer

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