Conservatives gather to discuss strategy

Conservatives are huddling together to try to figure out their strategy going forward for the second half of the Trudeau and Liberal mandate. They were roundly beaten in the last election and driven from power. Now, the Party is interested in how it can claw back some of the gains that Liberals made in order to feel more relevant once again.

NAFTA is something that has been all over the headlines in Canada as it is being renegotiated in Montreal. The Conservative Party is stoutly pro-trade, and this means that they are pro-NAFTA as well. They have not been able to do a whole lot related to attacking the Liberals over the renegotiation process because they agree with so much that is being discussed. They like the fact that the deal is being reworked in the first place.

It is a difficult spot for the Conservatives to be in. They have stated that both their Party and the Liberals are in unity over the need to renegotiate the deal. With that in mind, the Conservatives have been left with a lot less firepower to use against the current government. They have to try to figure out a plan that makes themselves stand out as different from the other guys. Failing to do so puts them in the position of asking the public not to vote for Liberals while at the same time not giving the public any good reasons not to.

The best that the Opposition can do at the moment is try to tell the Canadian people that the Government has not prepared them adequately for what could potentially happen if the NAFTA talks fall apart. It might not be a very strong talking point at the moment, but it just might be the only thing that they have to go on headed into the next set of elections. At least it is better than just agreeing with the other side.

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