Christian schools in Canada banned from teaching Biblical values

Diversity doesn’t include Christians in this case.

A BC University lost their challenge in court for Christian diversity.

In a pair of 7-2 rulings by Canada’s Supreme Court, Trinity Western University in British Columbia has lost its legal battle over accreditation of its new law school.

At the center of the matter was the school’s community covenant. This stated that students and faculty at the evangelical school must live a holy life that includes humility, self sacrifice, mercy, and justice. Also included in the covenant is abstaining from lying, stealing, vulgar language, and sexual intimacy outside the bounds of marriage between a man and a woman.

But the majority of the Supreme Court justices declared those guidelines would discourage LGBTQ students from attending the school. In addition, the justices stated that those who attend the new law school could suffer significant harm. As a result, the ruling declared that the limiting of religious freedom was “proportionate and reasonable” in order to protect the rights and accessibility of LGBTQ students.

In previous lower court rulings, courts in BC and Nova Scotia ruled Western Trinity was within its rights to act on its beliefs. But the Ontario Court of Appeals called the covenant “deeply discriminatory.”

TWU professor Janet Epp Buckingham called the Supreme Court decision a loss for religious diversity in Canada. She added that the university has produced a number of graduates from its many other degree programs who have gone on to serve their communities with distinction.

Trinity Western University offers 40 undergraduate programs and 17 graduate programs.

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