Changes Coming to Canadian Legal System

In a recent interview with CBC Radio One, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that there will be “legislation coming forward on addressing” the Canadian justice system. This comment was made after he was asked about Gerald Stanley’s acquittal. “We know we need to make significant changes along the paths of reconciliation,” he said.

During his interview, Justin Trudeau spoke about many issues including rural crime, international issues, the Stanley trial, the federal budget and jury selection. “We’re going to be moving forward with a series of improvements to our gun laws that will be focused on both ensuring that people who want to continue, or need to continue, to have guns have responsible access to them while we bring in measures to ensure that we are keeping our community safe, we are reducing the amount of gun violence,” Trudeau said.

When asked about how the federal budget will affect the Canadian Workers Benefit he said: “There will be close to 50,000 people in Saskatchewan, low-income workers, who will get more money through the Canada Workers Benefit because we will incentivize getting into the workforce and staying in the workforce.”

He touched base on the North American Free Trade Agreement and the new steel and aluminum tariffs set forth by the United States. He said he is happy to improve Nafta and continue trying to renegotiate, but that the new tariffs are “unfair” and could be damaging to Canada, the United States, and Mexico. “The level of integration of our economies means that our workers on both sides of the border benefit when we work together.” Trudeau will be in Regina next week to talk with steelworkers and hear their concerns regarding the new United States tariffs.

Trudeau also commented on his recent trip to India and the pulse crop negotiations between the countries. He said that most of Canada’s pulse crop exports will not be affected by the tariffs set forth by India. “We actually came to an agreement on getting a science-based solution on the fumigation issue of pulses within this calendar year.”



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