Canadians And Conservatives Are Nervous As Liberal Attitudes Threaten NAFTA

It is rare for union leaders in the U.S. to take a stand in support of workers in another country, but even the head of a U.S. union believes Canadian liberals have threatened the economic security of North America. The recent announcement by U.S. President Donald Trump showed all the signs of his “Make American Great Again” campaign slogan as the Republican unveiled a new trade deal with Mexico. However, Canadian Conservatives were left seething over the lack of effort from Canada’s ruling Liberal Party to involve itself in U.S.-Mexican negotiations.

While one cannot blame U.S. conservatives for seeking the best deal for themselves, the lack of ambition on the part of Canada’s government to interject during the ongoing U.S.-Mexican negotiations is shocking. President Trump’s view the U.S. is better off without Canada’s involvement in the latest NAFTA deal shows how far the stock of the nation has fallen under Prime Minister Trudeau.

During an interview with Fox News, U.S. union leader Rochard Trumka stated his belief the exclusion of Canada from the latest change to the NAFTA deal would be a disaster for North America as a whole. Both President Trump and Trumka have criticised the deal, which included a deadline of Friday for Canada to negotiate its own deal with the U.S. and Mexico.

The lack of movement on the part of Canadian politicians in regard to the NAFTA deal has highlighted the failures of the Liberal Government and Prime Minister Trudeau. Canadian Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer stated he had led trade delegations to Washington in the past and had never seen a deal negotiated behind the back of the Canadian Prime Minister to highlight the lack of leadership currently being experienced in the Canadian government.

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