Canadian Taxpayers Pay For A Trump “Impeach-O-Meter”

Have you ever heard of the Trump Impeach-O-Meter? You can find it on taxpayer funded state media, CBC Radio.

Although President Donald Trump hasn’t broken any laws, the negative coverage Trump gets from Canada’s mainstream media gets published in record breaking numbers.

CBC also promotes betting sites betting on Trump’s soon-to-impeachment.

When we last checked in, Lee Price, a spokesperson for Irish betting house Paddy Power put the odds of impeachment at 33 per cent — a 13 per cent increase over the previous prediction.

CBC receives millions of viewers and listeners monthly, everything they say can result in clicks and sales for a sports betting company, especially if most of their readers are the same readers who frequently visit CNN, MSNBC and other left-wing media in America.

CBC returns 629 results from the term “impeach” when searching the website, and most of the search results include President Donald Trump.

When searching CBC Trump under Google News there’s not a single positive story on Trump, instead they are all negative.

Here’s a few examples:

Judge blocks Trump’s efforts to curtail collective bargaining for federal workers

National Enquirer kept damaging Donald Trump stories locked in a safe

The US has a booming economy because of President Trump but CBC fails to mention that also, when searching Google for ‘CBC Trump economy’ there’s not a single result explaining the booming economy in the US, just negative coverage.

It’s no surprise that Taxpayer funding for $1.6 billion was approved by Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister who called a woman racist for asking a simple question.

The Impeach-O-Meter fits right in.

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Emmy Skylar

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