Canadian Liberals Shamelessly Piggyback on Marijuana Bill to Raise Funds

Canadian Liberals Shamelessly Piggyback on Marijuana Bill to Raise Funds

It took less than 24 hours for Liberals to take advantage of cannabis legalization to shape their political agenda and raise campaign funds.

A joint investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and ProPublica is looking into a Facebook ad campaign launched by the Liberal Party shortly after the Parliament approved retail marijuana sales; the ads, which target young voters, tout the work of Liberals in pushing this bill, and they also ask for donations.

In addition to the aforementioned Facebook advertising effort, the Liberal Party also dusted off its contact databases after the passing of C-45 for the purpose of crafting a massive email campaign. The message of these emails suggest that the Conservative Party is plotting to weaken the recently passed marijuana legislation, which gives Liberals an excuse to ask for political donations.

Upon learning about these shameless attempts to raise funds for their political gain, Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu stated that Liberals should be working on more important issues such as implementing regulations on retail cannabis sales and keeping them away from minors.

It should be noted that restricting zealous marketing and advertising tactics is at the heart of the marijuana legislation package, which means that the Liberal campaign piggybacking on pot could be the first violation of this new law.

In the end, it is clear that Liberals are concerned about the current climate of political donations, which are largely going to Conservatives, thus explaining why they are resorting to cannabis Facebook ads and emails.


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