Canadian Conservatives Stand With Israel and Reaffirm Commitment

For the Canada Conservative Party, a promise made is a promise kept, particularly when it relates to global issues as sensitive as the State of Israel and its right to sovereignty. At a recent Conservative convention in Halifax, Senator Linda Frum celebrate her party’s near unanimous resolution to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Support for the aforementioned resolution was immediately expressed by the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs as well as by the B’nai Brith Canada. News outlets in Israel reported on the Conservative resolution hours after the convention concluded. Jewish political organizations in Canada have been calling on the federal government to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, something that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to be afraid to do.

Earlier this year, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer made it a point to remind voters that the party will strengthen relations with Israel when a new government forms in 2019. At the time Scheer made the announcement, full support by all party members was not guaranteed; however, things were cleared up before the convention, once again proving that Conservatives are on the same page. Scheer has also called on PM Trudeau to cease diplomatic relations with Iran as long as the Islamic Republic continues to threaten Israel.

The next step on this issue will be to continue advocating the relocation of the Canadian Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; naturally, such a move will require careful planning and legislative action, but Conservatives are confident that they can garner enough political support for this action.

With the political leadership shown by Frum and Scheer at the convention, Conservatives can certainly count on securing the Jewish vote in Canada.

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Emmy Skylar

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