Canadian Conservatives Announce Intent to Defend Jobs

With a Twitter update posted on the day before Americans gathered to celebrate their independence, the Conservative Party of Canada made it clear that their leadership will work with the federal government to remove the arbitrary trade tariffs imposed by United States President Donald Trump.

Even though the Tories are the current opposition party, they are showing political maturity by offering to collaborate with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his effort to stand up against the global trade war started by Trump earlier this year. The Conservatives had already launched a Defend Local Jobs tour before PM Trudeau took action against Trump by imposing nearly $13 billion in tariffs on American products.

The Conservatives have been closely monitoring the jobs situation in the wake of the tariffs that Trump imposed on Canadian aluminum and steel, two raw materials that represent thousands of factory jobs around the country; when an Ontario company announced that it would begin laying off workers because the Trump tariffs would squeeze their finances, the Tories denounced the situation on social media, reaffirming their willingness to work with Ottawa on this issue.

A news media release published by the Tories in late June explained that the Defend Local Jobs tour was organized based on a report by TD Bank economists who expect one in five Canadian jobs would be at risk of being cut due to the Trump tariffs. At that time, the Conservatives mentioned that PM Trudeau’s office had failed to plan accordingly for a trade war that the unstable Trump had previously hinted at.

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