Canadian Activist Nora Loreto calls to Decapitate Melania Trump on Twitter

Quebec City writer Nora Loreto is doing her best to stretch the 15 minutes of infamy she earned on Twitter earlier this year, and she seems to be inspired by the infamous American comedian Kathy Griffin.

In April, Loreto used Twitter to express her views on Canadian race relations in the most tasteless manner: by insinuating that the GoFundMe campaign set up to benefit the families of the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy was successful because of the dead players’ skin color and socioeconomic status. Loreto’s tweet went viral for all the wrong reasons, prompting Alberta’s United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney to publicly chastise her.

Since the controversy, Loreto gained around 7000 followers acting as head of Antifa and partnering with Black Lives Matter Canada, but since a week ago people stopped following her on Twitter, her 15 minutes of fame has finally ended.

In a more recent Twitter update, Loreto suggested that the First Lady of the United States, along with the King and Queen of Spain, should be decapitated. While visiting the U.S., the Spanish royal couple enjoyed tea with Melania Trump, and she posted a Twitter update indicating that they discussed ways to make a positive impact on the lives of children.

The tweet was highly ironic and a joke, Loreto said the Tweet is a “reference to the French revolution.”

But is that taking it too far?

As can be expected, Griffin took a lot of flack for her tweet because it went beyond free speech and bordered on inciting violence. It seems that Loreto is trying hard to be like Griffin; nonetheless, the obvious difference is that Griffin’s audience reached a bigger marker in the United States.

Image – CBC screenshot.

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