Canada’s P.M. Trudeau And His Sophomoric Leadership Dividing Canadians And The World Stage

Some folks believe that the only way Justin Trudeau could go anywhere in politics was by fooling the voters with his famous last name and his good crop of hair, and that he has succeeded in.

As Canada’s prime minister, Trudeau is enjoying the top job in the country but has also quickly earned the title of the “Worst P.M. in Canadian History,” and here are some of the facts that support it:

First, one only needs to take a quick look at the closing of the recent G7 Summit and the “false statements” Trudeau made against the United States and balking over imposed U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Canada is no stranger to gigantic tariffs itself, namely on certain dairy and food products.

The summit was going well, and the U.S. was negotiating in “good faith” with Trudeau and the other leaders who were present. Then, Trudeau called for a news conference and stabbed the United States in the back, preventing President Trump from signing the communique.

When he ran for office, Trudeau promised voters that he would keep Canada eco-friendly and stay good on his ideas for a greener country. Last November, the PM gave the thumbs up to the expansion of the Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain pipeline, a huge step backward for the environment.

After he got into office in October 2015, Trudeau guaranteed he would stick to his election commitment to balance Canada’s budget by 2019-20. Well, the road to a debt-free nation is rather bumpy with the deficit at $23 billion just alone in the 2016-2017 year. Trudeau has promised a $9.5 billion deficit for this year, but his math is off and it will probably settle in at around $28.5 billion.

Then, there was Trudeau’s troubling take on returning ISIS fighters and how he foresees a role of their valued service to Canada. He suggested in a year-end interview in 2017 to enlisting jihadists as community ambassadors.

The P.M. also embarrassed himself and others during a Canada Day speech. Trudeau skipped over listing Alberta among the provinces and territories.

Justin Trudeau is not-ready-for-prime-time.

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