Canada to Pay Indigenous People $600 Million as Legal Settlement

The indigenous people have called Canada home for thousands of years, even before the European colonisation. Their current population in the country stands at approximately 1.4 million people.

Even though the current government is making sincere efforts in establishing cordial relations with the indigenous people, there have been grave injustices done to them in the past that have left the cleft too wide.

One of those injustices included forcible severance of indigenous children from their respective families and putting them up for adoption.

As a step to compensate the wrong and repair the broken ties, the Canadian government has agreed to pay $600 million to the indigenous clan.

The practice that began in 1965 continued for about 2 decades after that. A rough estimate shows that there were around 35,000 people who were affected by this exploitation.

Although the program itself required social workers to effectively communicate with the leaders of the indigenous communities on the need for social services for the children, but it was seldom done.

In addition to that, the social workers placed in remote communities lacked formal training and knowledge of the indigenous culture, heritage, and way of life. As a result, the most important aspect of this culture – communal child rearing – was ignored by the social workers.

This led the social workers into believing that the indigenous kids would be better off somewhere else, than in their own homes and communities. Hence, they simply took the kids away and put them up for adoption.

The program took the kids away from their families, stripped them off their birth rates and fed them to a system that funnelled them into the white society.

These kids, now grown up, have shown an alarming state of mental, social, and emotional issues that they’ve faced all their lives.

Today, they find themselves in an emotional, social, and cultural limbo between finding acceptance in both the indigenous and the southern white communities of Canada.

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Meagan Kozlovs

About the Author: Meagan Kozlovs

Meagan Kozlovs is a reporter for Debate Report. She’s worked and interned at Global News Toronto  and CHECX. Megan is based in Toronto and covers issues affecting her city. In addition to her severe milk shake addiction, she’s a Netflix enthusiast, a red wine drinker, and a voracious reader.


  1. Do I dare comment, if the conditions of the indigenous community were so bad perhaps some of the children were better off in more mainstream communities, and in many cases were turned over to the authorities voluntarily rather than to see him/her starve.

    1. You are right but it wasn’t just a starvation issue!! I worked on/near reserves from the late 60’s on and saw more than lack of food like abuse, neglect, drugs, inadequate care & education/health, (the list goes on) and the children suffered, much of the same goes on today and it isn’t because of “poverty” it is because of mismanagement of funds/greed of the many chiefs and band council and the so called “community” that is too busy snagging more, more, more via protests or doing their own thing, guilting the government and those who are not Aboriginal into not investigating but cowtowing to them while the children raise each other and themselves– so there are reasons for the kids to commit suicide, have early teen pregnancies etc. But many have an aversion to the truth, can’t or won’t see/admit the problems have to be “fixed by them and not the government and so therefore they are part of the problem.

  2. That is great that the Native people are getting a pay out for being taken out of there homes, religion and will all be compensated for, But during the 1020s and 1030s and 1940s was a period of hard times and depression and wars, Large native familys could not feed and cloth and house all their children and would have likely starved or frozed to death, It was a time of protection rather than discrimination, do people not see that end of it, Two sides to every story, No insult intended

    1. I think you got the dates wrong and maybe some facts too. many homes were abusive etc in the 60’s!!! But you are right there are two sides to every story, and it seems that the Aboriginals only want theirs heard, much of which is fabricated! Many have an aversion to the truth and are part of the problem!

  3. Question is ” ‘WHEN’ are they going to see or get the money liberal Justin plans to give them or is this talk of pretense.”

  4. So pissed off with this crap and it is always about the money!! More more more!! What the hell do they do with it all until the next round of demands for more?????

  5. I was around in the sixties, and these children were not forcibly removed from their homes. They had already been removed, for cause, from their homes, from delinquent parents. The government was begging people to help. Several people, who I knew, responded. They already had families but only wanted to help. One of my good friends took a little girl, who came to her with head lice and ragged clothes. These children were not abused, they were treated as one of the family. Now, it seems, these good people are viewed as some kind of evil – apparently because the children “lost their culture”. Would it be better to grow up in a home where they were not cared for and still have their “culture”. I am very saddened by this, knowing my friends who really only wanted to help, are now being vilified.

  6. I was around in the 60’s & before that too, Lois Halls and I agree with you 100%. I know people and family who gladly took in these children, loved them, treated them as family, clothed them, fed them, gave them an education and all at their own giving with no help or financial gain except for family, friends and community. Now the Aboriginals slap us in the face with accusations and want to be compensated!! Should have left them there I guess!! And they wonder why we are disappointed and hurt with them now?? Who compensated those who gave all and went to their graves knowing that they were not loved or appreciated!! I believe the “politics” and brainwashing of Aboriginals have gone to far!!!

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