Canada Post Workers Considering Possible Strike over Pay Disputes

The list of problems in Canada is on the rise, and Canadians could soon add disgruntled Canada Post workers on it.

The country will find out during this week whether they face the chances of a possible strike by plant workers and mail carriers working for Canada Post.

These workers, who have been responsible for delivering orders to Canadians since the last few years, just wrapped up a voting extension. The voting was held to decide whether the workers give their Trade Union the mandate to call for a strike on their part.

Since voting is over, Canadians could expect all kind of news during this week. If the workers have voted in favor of a strike, the country would see many of its post workers go on a country wide strike by the end of September.

The calls for strike are centered on a pay equity dispute between 42,000 urban and 8,000 rural workers of the carrier. The arbitrator working on the issue, Maureen Flynn, had called the pay discrepancies at Canada Post to be ‘fundamentally flawed’ during a ruling in May.

Canada Post made a mention of the call to decrease discrepancy in the pay structure within their quarterly financial statement released at the last minute. The carrier service predicted that the onetime settlement with the disgruntled employees would cost a hit of a quarter billion dollars to the bottom line. Whether the company is prepared for such a hit remains to be seen.

The agency has had a good couple of years as it saw a boom in the parcel distribution business. However, the letter mail business has not reacted positively as sales in this SBU have plummeted.

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