Canada is having problems hiring special adviser for $35M de-radicalization program

The Canadian government claims there’s not many radicalized people in Canada, even after the influx of more than $30,000 refugees from Syria that cannot be vetted for radicalization.

A program started by the Canadian government in 2016 is having problems getting off the ground, the $35 million dollar project called the Canada Centre is having a hard time filling the position of special adviser, the adviser is hired to oversee the whole operations for the program.

Public Safety says radicalization is hard to understand and is not a problem of religion.

Different people radicalize to violence for different reasons and it is not a problem facing one type of religion, culture or background.

Radicalization to violence is a complicated problem that experts internationally are still trying to understand. We know that often the best solutions come from organizations and frontline workers at the local level and that often families, friends and community members are able to help someone from becoming radicalized to violence.

The government says the special adviser position will be filled at the end of this year and the program will start.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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