Canada Faced With A Diplomatic Disaster – Where’s Justin Trudeau

The relations between Canada and Saudi Arabia reached a new low after Canadian ambassador was ordered to leave the country within 24 hours.

The move came as a huge shock to the international community it seems except to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

After a picnic in B.C. the PM schedule today is private meetings with no other information.

The Saudi Kingdom’s official reasoning for expelling the Canadian ambassador was the blatant interference of the North American nation led by PM Trudeau in the Kingdom’s internal affairs.

The announcement was made in a series of tweets that gave the Canadian representative just 24 hours to exit the country while simultaneously calling back its own representative from Canada as well.

The entire fiasco originated last week when the Canadian foreign ministry called for the Kingdom to consider the release of all human rights activists that it had imprisoned. The call was made after Samar Badawi, sister of Raif Badawi was arrested as well.

Raif Badawai has been in Saudi prison since 2012 after he criticized the Kingdom’s clerics and law structure.

While many expected the Kingdom to open a dialogue with the Canadian ministry, what followed was something almost no one had expected. The Kingdom froze all of its trade and investment deals with Canada as well as expelling all Canadian diplomatic staff within the country.

Bilateral trade between the two countries exceeds $3 billion with the Kingdom heavily dependent on the import of Canadian tanks and other weaponry.

The Canadian response to the whole situation was recorded by Marie-Pier Baril, representing the Canadian Foreign Minister, saying that the whole episode was regretful and that Canada remains “seriously concerned” by the behavior of the Kingdom in the past week.

The spokeswomen pledged to continue Canadian support for all the detained human rights activists and called on the Kingdom to show leniency, for now the Prime Minister is having private meetings.

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