Canada Considers Modifying Juror Selection Methods

In an effort to broaden juror selection methods, the Department of Justice in Canada has recently considered modification to the system of jury selection. Proposed changes to the Criminal Code would result in the abolition of peremptory challenges to the composition of juries. These changes would significantly limit the ability of prosecutors to exclude jurors without supplying a detailed explanation for this request.

Making Criminal Convictions More Difficult

Why would the government of Canada endorse measures to increase the difficulty of obtaining criminal convictions? To some extent, the proposed revisions reflect the increasing diversity of Canadian society. Canada has recently radically overhauled its sentencing guidelines to grant greater autonomy to jurists.

Simply granting enhanced autonomy to courts and juries in this diverse locale may impact the ability to convict criminal defendants of crimes ranging from battery and fraud to first degree homicide. Increasing challenges placed in the way of criminal sentences promotes law and order themes. It may assist accused defendants across Canada by improving the ability of criminal courts to institute changes

Tough Systems Promote Impartial Justice

These changes have already caused some crime victims to doubt the integrity of the system of justice prevailing in Canada. Afflicted with extensive delays, the Canadian criminal justice system lacks the robust elements apparent in some other national criminal justice ventures. During the period between 2013 and 2014, for instance, probation remained by far the most widely utilized deterrent available for the compensation of aggrieved victims.

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