Can Trudeau Please Seal the NAFTA Deal?

All questions regarding the NAFTA deal are getting to the heads of patriotic right-wing locals in Canada. The situation is beginning to dawn upon many people, and as the air surrounding the deal clears, it will become even clearer that Trump is not the one at fault here.

Trump is not the bully here. He is just a president of the United States, looking to safeguard the interests of his people. This is what the president of the United States is expected to do. It is in fact Trudeau, who is showing unnecessary arrogance and aggression. The delay in both the countries reaching a NAFTA deal was previously blamed on Trump, but as Canada nears a foreseeable imposition of tariffs on U.S. steel and aluminum, Canadians are starting to realize how their very own premier is to blame for this situation.

Trudeau is believed to have wasted multiple months talking about useless issues such as gender promotions, aboriginal matters and climate change. These matters were and are quite irrelevant, and Trudeau’s attention on these matters has actually put Canada under immense pressure.

If the attention on these ridiculous matters could have inflamed Trump, Trudeau’s stance at the G7 discussions further aggravated the issue. Trudeau further upset Trump at the G7 discussions hosted in Canada, by mentioning to the media that he had stood up to Donald Trump and had told him that Canada would no longer be pushed around by him.

The new trade agreement between US/Mexico has left Canada in an even precarious situation. Trudeau representing Canada, which is 1/10th the size of the U.S and where the U.S accounts for almost 75 percent of the exports, cannot even dream of winning a trade war. His best bet was in reaching consensus with Trump, and he apologetically didn’t do that.

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Emmy Skylar

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