Anti-Immigration Party Favorite to Win Quebec Elections

With less than three weeks remaining to the October 1 elections, reports suggest that the tides are about to change in the Canadian state of Quebec. An anti-immigration party has sprung up and is currently marked as a favorite to win the elections in a state plagued by immigrations of all sorts.

The alliance favored to oust the Liberal Party is all geared up to end the dominance of Liberals in the state.

Liberals have remained in power within the state for all but 2 of the last 15 years.

Coalition Avenir Quebec, which is led by former education minister and airline executive Francois Legault, has a majority lead in the polls. Recent surveys suggest that the party may not get the majority, but it is on course to win the elections and usurp the Liberals.

Many of Quebec residents are dissatisfied with the government of Philippe Coilliard’s Liberals. According to a recent survey, more than 60 percent locals said that they were dissatisfied with the policies and were thinking of voting for change.

The CAQ has made public its aims to cut the immigration cap within the province. Moreover, they have also mentioned that all immigrants should learn the local language, French, within 3 years’ time or be prepared for deportation. This pledge has been heavily criticized by Couillard, who is trying to win over support from the immigrants in last-ditch efforts.

The party has also mentioned that they would have a values test after 3 years of when the immigrants first came.

The test would include questions on Quebec’ Charter of Rights.

Legault listed some examples of what could be in the test by mentioning, “Do you think women and men are equal? Do you recognize a secular state and laws come before religion? Do you recognize we have a democratic, non-violent, respectful society? Do you recognize homosexuals have the same rights as others in our society?”

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