Andrew Scheer’s Mission Impossible

It’s an old predicament that conservatives across North America have had to deal with for decades. The liberals come in with their promises and when all the damage is done, it’s up to the Conservatives to foot the bill that racks up. In some cases, the damage isn’t entirely monetary. Sometimes, the damage is diplomatic and more superficial.

This is the sort of damage that Justin Trudeau managed to cause upon his visit to India earlier this year. While there are a number of expectations from the Prime Minister of one of the world’s leading democracies, there are some fundamentals that cannot be ignored.  

These essentials include a statesman worthy behavior and a graceful representation of the country. These are all the boxes that Trudeau failed to tick.

Now, Andrew Scheer, the leader of the Conservative party is heading over to India to repair the immense PR nightmare that Trudeau left in his wake.

The visit to India was marred with disorganization, confusion and an utter lack of foreign policy initiative on his behalf.

Trudeau’s trip which has since been labeled as a catastrophe and managed to damage his reputation both at home and abroad left his rivals with a lot of arsenal to use against him.

The trip included him wearing high-end Indian outfits, unceremonious behavior as well as the revelation that a man accused of murdering an Indian politician was also present at two of the different receptions that he hosted in Mumbai, India.

Scheer spoke to the media where he outlined why the trip is being organized in the first place. Scheer has since revealed that he will be meeting with senior government officials, businessman as well as important names in the Canada-India relationship.

It should also be noted that the Indian PM did not meet his Canadian counterpart for 5 days, and when they did, the agreement signed managed to anger Sikhs both in India and Canada.

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Emmy Skylar

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