Andrew Scheer says he won’t be Dancing in India

These are some of the things that are the bare minimum you would expect from a Prime Minister in a foreign country. Behave with utmost grace, be courteous and most of all, avoid any publicly humiliating scenarios.

Justin Trudeau managed to make a mockery of himself on his tour of India earlier in the year. His eccentric antics, the bizarre clothes, the nonsensical dances as well as that infamous rendezvous with celebrity chefs drew the ire of even some his staunchest supporters in Canada.

Now, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer is heading to India in what is already being labeled as a damage repair tour aimed at alleviating some of the sour taste that Trudeau’s visit may have left on officials in India.

Speaking to a delegation of Conservatives in Halifax, he reiterated the fact that Trudeau’s visit had left Canada embarrassed from Japan to India to Australia. He further lambasted Trudeau for his failure to open up new markets and having led Canada to its lowest embers in terms of diplomacy.

In an apparent dig at Trudeau’s inept visit, he remarked that he won’t be dancing or bringing celebrity chefs to India. He would be solely focused on building serious relationships.

There were also many in India that openly questioned the need for the Prime Minister to engage in such antics. It is also one of the primary reasons why Narendra Modi did not meet Trudeau until the 5th day of his visit.

And even in that meeting, Trudeau managed to upset people in both countries by signing an accord that aims to vilify the Sikh community in terrorist attacks as well as the controversial topic of Khalistan. Naturally, the topic caused uproar in the Sikh community which resides in high numbers within Canada.

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