Andrew Scheer optimistic about his popularity

Andrew Scheer recently revealed that the fact that he’s been able to make himself known to the common Canadian public without having to rely on an army of PR strategist like Justin Trudeau is a minor miracle in its own right.

Scheer did concede that when it comes to simply being recognizable and known by ordinary Canadians, who may not be eligible to vote now but will be in the future, he is at a disadvantage. One of Trudeau’s great strength’s is his incredible popularity in terms of being well-known by both Canadians and foreigners.

Scheer said that the entire challenge of building up his image and re-inventing the public perception of the Conservative party was something he looked forward to. He recalled how this particular challenge was something he knew he would be up against ever since he took over the leadership of the Conservative party.

It should be noted here that Justin Trudeau’s image has been something that the liberals have been very vocal about in their campaigns ever since the election. Scheer criticized the apparent cult of personality that Trudeau and the liberals were building around him.

A Prime Minister should be graceful and classy, and not become the poster boy for magazines around the world for the clothes that he wears or several over-the-top antics.

He said that the current government is always at the forefront of media attention. This need to constantly have the spotlight and the need for cheap publicity is narcissism at its worst.

Speaking at the Conservative national convention in Halifax, Scheer reiterated the fact that Conservatives would look to give a new platform to several policy ideas as well as several different issues that have remained ignored for far too long.

2019 elections promise to be an opportunity, one that Scheer hopes to take full advantage of.

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