Andrew Scheer needs be more controversial to get his name out

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer needs to get his name out to have a chance to win the next election over Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

Trudeau has a comfortable lead in the polls leading by 11 points over the opposition conservatives according to 660news.

We asked 10 random Canadians if they’ve ever heard the name Andrew Scheer, 8 out of the 10 people we asked never heard the name, one person asked “Isn’t he a sports actor?”

The second person who heard the name before said “He’s a politician.”

Andrew Scheer has been doing everything right campaigning, but it doesn’t seem to work, maybe he needs to do something controversial to get some attention from social media.

Donald Trump is considered by the left to be one of the most controversial people in the world, it seems to prove his presidential win over life-long political Hillary Clinton.

Facebook played a big part in Donald Trump’s win, not from the “fake news” stories, but from the shares, likes and comments his posts and announcements received.

People who never watch mainstream media use social media to engage with their friends and local media sources, social media creates a great influence on people especially from posts that proved who Donald Trump is, his honestly and straight up talk to those who needed to hear it.

Controversy creates discussions, and discussions create massive reach on Facebook and other social media platforms, should Andrew Scheer be more controversial instead of campaigning by the book?

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Benjamin Diaz

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