An Eco-Parking Lot – That’s a First in Canada

North End, Hamilton, Ontario is one of the few communities in Canada that are always striving to evolve with the ever-changing environment.

In their attempt to keep up with the same, the community gave Canada the very first of its kind eco-parking lot.

Canada’s first eco-parking lot was created for Welcome Inn Community Centre and their New Horizons Thrift Store.

The community centre, along with its thrift store, has been around for decades acting as the pedestal for shared community values and mutual cooperation.

Being a constant in a diverse society that involves a unique blend of history, affluence, poverty, and opportunity, the Welcome Inn Community Centre has been a pioneer in leading change. The eco-parking lot is just another example of that.

“We’re the first parking lot in Canada to go completely green, removing the asphalt and replacing it with micro-greens planted in eco-raster tiles that we can drive and park on,” Suzanne Foreman – manager New Horizons Thrift Store said.

In addition to being great for the environment, the new eco-friendly parking lot is durable too – it doesn’t pit or crack, which means the thrift store can save on maintenance costs in the long run.

The project cost almost $30,000 to complete. Organisations like Green Venture, Hamilton Tool Library, and Candy Venning came forward to lend a hand in building the eco-parking lot.

“North Enders are fiercely proud of their community and their thrift…They are thrilled to be taking the lead in making our neighbourhood greener and cleaner,” says Suzanne

The essence of being a community rides high among the residents of North End. Whether it’s the affluent or the blue collar workers living in the community, everyone lends a hand.  

“The lengths to which people will go if you just call for help,” says Suzanne, praising the community effort.

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