Align Technology Inaugurates First Ever Office in Canada

Align Technology, creators of the Invisalign system, which is deemed the most clear aligner system worldwide, has opened its doors to the welcoming market of Canada with its first ever office.

Canada is Align’s second largest country market with a lot of prospect for growth with accelerating interests of both youngsters and adults in the Invisalign system. This initiation hopes to propagate continued growth in the region.

The Invisalisgn treatment was introduced to the Canadian market in March. Invisalign treatment with Mandibular Advancement allows for Class II correction among teens.

This digital system is well received and highly appreciated as it contains features allowing the lower jaw to move forward simultaneously aligning the teeth.

An Invisalign provider in Winnipeg, Canada, Milos Lekic, spoke about the feasibility of a digital method for teens highlighting the advantages of “switching from an analog to digital method of orthodontics, not just with the Mandibular Advancement feature, but with Invisalign treatment and the iTero Element intra-oral scanner.”

VP and General Manager of Align Technology Sian Roberts described a “positive correlation” between service providers who opt for Invisalign treatment with Mandibular Advancement and the utilization among their teenage customers. She further added that the Invisalign system lends providers confidence with enhanced features that they can relay desired outcomes to their teenage patients.

Roberts joined Align in February and is responsible for the Align products in the Canadian region. She is a promising addition to the team with an extensive experience in leadership strategy implementation in B2C as well as B2B markets, including serving as Canadian General Manager for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.

The Align Office is located right in the middle of downtown Toronto and has paved the way for employment opportunities over the country. The local team is actively seeking talented individuals to fill out a number of roles in the Canadian office.

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