Abortion a Closed Debate, declares Scheer

Halifax has gained a lot of news coverage this past week after it played host to the annual Conservative convention. The convention is considered one of the most important conventions in the country because of the fact that a lot of the conservative party’s policies are agreed upon here.

This year promises to be one of those years where the convention would have an added responsibility with the elections approaching next year. There is an air of optimism around Canada within the conservative camp that Justin Trudeau and his government have blown their chance. In other words, the conservatives have a real chance at getting back the federal control.

One of the policies that the conservative camp won’t be compromising on is abortion.

Andrew Scheer, the Conservative leader reiterated this position a few hours before the party members backed up his claim in a vote. The conservative position on the delicate issue has always been that it would not take sides and won’t seek to regulate abortion to any degree.

Scheer further stated that he would not have favored going into a debate on the issue even if the voting process had decided to open up such a discussion.

He said that he continues to believe the fact that there is always room for debate and discussion within the party but made clear that he certainly won’t make it a national policy issue.

He’s always maintained that it’s better for Canada if the Conservative party keeps itself away from issues like this and instead focuses on national issues that have a larger diplomatic and financial impact on Canadian society.

He’s been very clear that this isn’t an issue that he would place high on his list of priorities and the conservative vote now solidifies his stance.

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