A New Law: Pay Equity in Progress

Gender inequality is one of the many kinds of discriminations that are prevalent in today’s world.

Every fraternity is raising its voice against it, especially the entertainment industry – Hollywood, which is talking about it in terms of gender pay gap.

The major concern for most of the people is that men are being paid more than women which is totally unjustifiable.

Although many are figuring out a way how to tackle the problem, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau plans to implement pay equity which is in progress.

The Liberal Party of Canada made a promise that they would work for the equal pay for women working in federal offices. According to Trudeau, dealing with such an issue is not as simple as it looks, as most people don’t realize that there are similar kinds of jobs that are being done by both women and men.

Although the jobs are not same, more women are doing that job which makes it highly likely for them being paid less on an average. Thus, less pay pushes women to do part-time jobs and it has been reported that 19% of women hold far more part-time jobs than men who hold only 5%.

The law is underway and Trudeau determinedly claims that the government is taking serious steps to make it work in the right direction.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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