3 Things That Make Jagmeet Singh So Excellent

Jagmeet Singh is the new elected leader for the NDP (New Democratic Party) of Canada. There are many great things about Jagmeet Singh that in the first place make him a dignified and distinguished leader. His fashion sense to start with has never disappointed the masses. The three piece suits that he wears at all occasions and the dignified grace that Singh carries himself with is an epitome of many things on its own. But that is not what Singh is all about. There is so much more about this man that makes him a potentially great leader not only for the party but for the country too.

1. Increasing party members for boosted unity

To begin with, one of the first things that Singh has done is recruiting staff for the party. Within days of being elected, the staff members of the party have increased to become around twenty five thousand from a mere few hundreds. This reflects one great thing that Singh believes in – teamwork. That is what he has said to aim for as well – to work united as a single unit for the progress fo the nation. United we stand, divided we fall is the new theme the NDP party seems to be following, all thanks to this young leader.

2. Promoting precarious employment for youth

Jagmeet Singh has been actively working to promoted what is otherwise referred to as precarious employment. This refers to increased one-time or part time job opportunities for the youth of Canada. OF course this seems to be a great tactic of the party the Singh has introduced to win the support of the younger generation but Singh does not treat it to be a tactic. In fact he empathizes with the move and says that it is nothing but only what any leader should really understand. This is however being termed as an excellent and politically correct blow to the present Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau who hails from a rich background and does not understand the hardships youth face when it comes to earning a living from a young age to support their family and individual self.

3. Playing in benefit of Canada by putting himself second

Singh is being seen as a powerful force by the party and is viewed as a potential candidate to run against as Justin Trudeau in the future. But it is Singh’s diplomatic approach to politics that makes him such a winner at a very young age. At only 38 years of age, Singh appears to have mastered the art of politics. Whilst he has the caliber and potential to compete for senior cabinet, he has not even revealed his next move yet with elections just around the corner. In fact he ‘appears’ to be very content with staying in the provision platform and puts it on Canada. He wants to do what is best for the country and for that he seems to be ready to jeopardise a major accomplishment that is ready to come his way. Enough to make him a strong pillar of the party already!

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