2017’s Fundraising Efforts Leave Liberals Falling Almost $5 Million Behind Conservatives

Recently released financial reports showed that while Liberals may currently govern Canada, the Conservative party completely blew their 2017 fundraising efforts out of the water. With their $18.84 million raised compared to $13.89 raised by Liberals, the Conservatives came out ahead by almost $5 million. This total of $13.89 is almost $3.5 million less than their total of $17.18 just one year prior.

Possibly even more disappointing to the Liberal party is that 2017’s fundraising efforts included 17,841 fewer donors than in 2016.

In a country such as Canada whose population is becoming increasingly more disenchanted by Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, this is great news for Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. In the case of the Tories, their donor numbers grew from 82.662 to 94.786 in the same time frame.

While the Conservative party did spend considerably more in their fundraising campaigns compared to the Liberals, they were able to reach a much higher number of donors and more importantly potential voters.

In response to the announcement, a spokesperson for the Liberal party attempted to minimize the Tories’ 2017 fundraising victory. It was stated that numbers can go up and down dramatically between years. In addition, they stated that the difference in the money spent on fundraising between the parties negates the additional donors and money raised by the Conservative party.

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Emmy Skylar

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