$10 Canadian Note will have an African Women on it instead of the Queen

Viola Desmond will be the first African woman and not part of the British royal family to have her image on the new 10-dollar Canadian notes.

This new note was presented by Canada’s Minister of Finance Bill Murneau on March 8th and will be a vertical note that in addition to having the image of Viola Desmond, it will also have the  historic map of Halifax, this is a representation of the Canadian Museum for Civil Rights in Winnipeg.

Viola Desmond a Civil Rights Advocate that was finally  recognized with this March 8 presentation.

“It’s an important story because it shows that standing up for what we believe, whether it’s on the steps of Parliament Hill or in a movie theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, can make our country and our world a better place for future generations,” the Governor said.

Desmond refused on November 8th 1946 to leave an exclusive white race zone at a movie theatre in Nova Scotia, becoming an icon in the Civil Rights movement in Canada.

“I was speechless,” she said describing her reaction to the bank note. “It’s beyond what I ever thought. It’s beautiful.”

The African-Canadian community views this measure as an acceptance by Canada and could not be more satisfied.

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