Why a Successful Recruitment Process is Crucial for Small Businesses

Hiring and retaining key personnel and outstanding employees is vitally important to any company, however, the stakes become even higher for small businesses. Everything that affects the working environment is even more heightened at a smaller company. If your firm employees 20 or fewer people, every hiring decision is going to have a greater impact on company culture. Focusing on these three key areas can help your firm attract and retain the best people for the job.


Take the time to craft a thorough, accurate, and easy-to-understand job description for every position. Encourage input from multiple sources and revisit each description on a regular basis to update and refine as needed. Involve key people, not just hiring managers and department heads, into the interview process, as it is important that future team members be on board with each hiring decision. During the onboarding process, be sure to articulate the expectations for the job in a clear and concise manner.


Take the time to check in with employees at every stage of their employment, listen to their needs and concerns, and take corrective measures when necessary. Provide ongoing training and development and promote from within whenever possible. Employees that are engaged, and feel valued, are typically more productive than those that are just putting in their time.


Keeping key employees happy is just one part of a retention strategy. Maximize the features of your corporate culture that foster inclusion and a dynamic working environment. Staff members that feel valued and see future growth potential with the company are more likely to remain with the firm and to be strong contributors to its success.

Focusing on these three key areas can help your business build an all-star team that grows with the company. Employment decisions and practices are key to the success of every company, no matter the size, and with small businesses, success in this area becomes even more important.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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