Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Our Top 5 Picks

Whether we like the holidays or not, I think there is a consensus that absolutely everyone loves the famous ugly Christmas sweaters.

If it was just me, we would wear ironic clothes all year long. But since it’s not me who decides, I’ll accept the fact that the world is just not ready for this trend 365 days a year. So we will enjoy the maximum of the time of January to really wrap soft and ugly linen to plunge head first in the magic of winter.

We have found 10 ugly Christmas sweaters , sometimes (still) cute, sometimes too intense, to inspire you in your quest for festive comfort!

1. The tree has balls


If your favorite Christmas song is My beautiful tree, this sweater covered with balls with false straps is for you. I guarantee you that your cat will love it too, so do not leave them alone together, because we know the fate that cats reserve for Christmas trees …

2. Santa’s pug


3. Christmas Dino


Oh dear! How will this T-Rex manage to open his presents with his tiny arms? At worst, he will use his teeth even if it is not recommended by dentists at all. That makes … .bref. This hoodie is still hot and perfectly expresses the magic of Christmas.

4. Fresh Christmas Prince


Just to see this beautiful face on this funky sweater , we imagine celebrating Christmas with one of the most popular gifs of the internet. Hey nostalgic gang of 90s , do you feel the call? You should.

5. For the crazy cat christmas lady


f you’re crazy about your cats and they’re like your kids, you can not miss out on this tribute, to point out how badly Christmas lights and a kitty get along. With its slightly possessed, but oh so adorable look, you’ll be sad when you put away this Christmas cat with moth balls after the holidays.

If you are a real real cat lady , I think it’s still legal to wear it on Valentine’s Day during a romantic tête-à-tête with your pussy, without receiving a statement of offense from the fashion police.


Think you have the best/worst ugly Christmas sweater?  Show it off in the comment section below.

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