U.S Energy Secretary Rick Perry Concerned About Relationship with Mexico and Canada

With NAFTA discussions set to start back up again soon, United States Energy Secretary Rick Perry is concerned that the relationships between the countries could become “uncomfortable”, especially with President Trump’s new steel and aluminum tariffs.


During a meeting with Mexican Secretary of Energy Pedro Joaquin Coldwell and Canadian Minister of Natural Resources James Gordon Carr Perry stated “Competition is an uncomfortable thing, and relationships are uncomfortable from time to time. Incredibly close relationships are uncomfortable from time to time, and we work our way through those. As we renegotiate NAFTA there are going to be some uncomfortable things, but we realize at the end of this, we are so much stronger together than we are divided.” Perry feels that with all the oil and gas reserves in North America, that there is potential for a strategy to benefit all the countries.

James Gordon Carr

Canadian Minister of Natural Resources James Gordon Carr was not trying to hide how the looming trade war could affect how the three countries interact with each other in the future. “We come to Houston every year, and we meet in between. The three of us have been on panels together virtually all over the world. It’s something which you never want to end but politics being what they are, I don’t know how much more we’ll have.”


Mexican Secretary of Energy Pedro Joaquin Coldwell has said that his country’s relationships with Canada and the United States represent interdependence, not codependency. “I think that now is the time. This opens an opportunity for companies on the other side of the border to come into Mexico. I think Mexico is much more open now to cooperation with our partners in the north.”

Currently, 17 U.S. and Canadian companies have won contracts for gas and oil exploration, which would build 7,500 kilometers of pipeline into Mexico.

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