Trudeau won’t accept responsibility after India punishes Canada by increasing tariffs on chickpeas

Just recently India has raised raise tariffs on chickpeas from Canada to 60 per cent, up from 40 per cent.

The increased tariffs caused a stir in the House of Commons yesterday as the official Opposition blamed Justin Trudeau’s representation of Canada on the decision by India.

“India raised the duty on Canadian chickpeas to 60 per cent, a clear signal that India is understandably upset, and Canadian chickpea producers are the first to pay the price. The Prime Minister has damaged our relationship with India,” said Candice Bergen in question period.

Trudeau won’t take responsibility that the increased tariffs was his fault, he says it was a domestic decision.

“The new tariffs, which are a domestic proposal by India in regards to their own domestic supply, are on chickpeas. And they … actually hit Australia in that particular type of chickpea as much, if not more, than Canada,” he told reporters later in the day.

Trudeau’s trip to India made headlines around the globe because for his wardrobe choice and that a criminal was invited to a high profile dinner with the PM.

Do you think India’s decision to raise tariffs on Chickpeas was Trudeau’s fault? Comment below and let us know.

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