Trudeau creates better economic growth outside Canada

Justin Trudeau’s recent tax proposals on hard working Canadians have caused some of their “biggest key players” – those with the most affluence, business and strategy – to leave the country in search of something better.

Higher taxes causes businesses to re-evaluate their locations, and this has once again proven to be the case.

Like the carbon tax in Alberta, taxes are a turn-off for businesses who create jobs, Canada is no longer attractive for businesses and economic growth inside Canada.

Trudeau’s idea of spreading wealth seems to be way off, wealth is being pushed out of the country.

Trudeau says it’s a healthy way to spread the wealth and to ensure that all pay their equal and fair amount of taxes. The viewpoints on the matter range greatly though the common people are more than proud of Trudeau’s most recent actions; they hope that, just as he has promised, true changes are on their way for Canada. The country has, indeed, suffered many a blow in several of its industries in the last seven and a half years alone; it’s time for a change.

A rich business owner, who chooses to remain anonymous, is one of the most talked about as a result of the change: He has even informed John Manley, who runs some of Canada’s largest operations, that he has recently decided to move billions of dollars from the country in hopes of putting them to better use elsewhere reports the National Post.

The higher proposed tax rates were part of the reason, since wealthy business leaders comprise the minority of Canadians – and those most deeply affected by the proposed tax reforms – it would only make sense for these people to move their currency and their business out of the country while they still can.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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