The Partial Government Shutdown: Lindsey Graham Lost His Hope

It’s been some days since the partial government shutdown, and we think that all the hope might be lost. Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is a very strong ally of the President of the United States, but that’s not all – he’s also a person with the reputation of working across the aisle.

He lost it all

He told CNN that he doesn’t see any way forward, after we’ve seen the collapse of the deal that he worked on with many other GOP senators. He also said that he kept being hopeful, but not anymore.

On Thursday, on Capitol Hill, we’ve seen the frustration of Graham. We’re talking about hours until this shutdown is going to be the longest in the modern political history (longer than that from 1995-1996). The two sides seem to drift further away even more, since the government decided to close its doors last year.

What’s Trump’s deal?

Trump, on the other hand, “attacked” the Democrat’s alleged audacity and started to suggest that the planned on declaring the US southern border as a national emergency, if there’s no compromise with the Democrats that could actually be reached. He was traveling to Texas when he did this, to visit the border, even if he told the reporters that he would not go there.

What did the Democrats say?

Graham said that Trump should ask for the Democrats to fund his wall, and that it’s time to use emergency powers if he really wants to do to this. Democrats had their answer, and they held their position. Trump should really agree to re-open the government soon – and maybe then, the Democrats will talk to him about the wall and the border security.




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