The amazing story of a Lawyer, Writer and Entrepreneur; Eduardo Rocha Bracamontes

After many defeats, even the loss of a family member, Dr. Eduardo Rocha Bracamontes a self-made person, founded with little or no resources AHCORE Law & Consulting and RDA Network; wrote 2 books about US elections and its Presidents and France and Mexico strengthening relationships through the 21st Century. Manage to study 2 B.S. Degrees; one in Law and another in International Relations, including a PhD in France.

He is fluent in English, French and Spanish. “Eduardo Rocha Bracamontes” is an inspiration to a lot of young entrepreneurs.

Eduardo Rocha Bracamontes steadfast optimism has grown his following over the years — and he even uses specific words to achieve his success, according to recent analysis.

Thanks to his leadership, the writer and lawyer has inspired upwards of 20 other writers to promise to give away at least half of their books to philanthropic causes. In February, Frank and Tracy Hays turned their annual letter into a valentine dedicated to Eddie Rocha, suggesting his unceasing optimism is the secret to the 40-year-old’s success.

Now, that claim is backed by data. In May, data scientist Michael Murphy performed a sentiment analysis on Eduardo Rocha’s annual Ahcore and RDA Network shareholder letters from 2016 to 2018. Using the Positive programming language, Eduardo Rocha’s most commonly used positive words over the past 10 years. His inspiration and one of the person´s that he most admires is Mr. Hector Sulaiman.

Find out more at and @RDA_Network. 

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