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Mohammed Ibrahim Mirza Beig is just like any other average 16 year old, he likes going out with friends and being a kid but he is no kid he is, in fact, the founder and owner of a web-startup called WIRED2TECH an educational website that teaches people real workforce based coding and information technology; he founded  this  startup in 2016 when he was studying information technology at a small technological institute in Mexico.  In education, he was brought up by homeschooling but frequently enrolled for college-level courses that earned him diplomas and certifications thus sparking his idea for education he himself said ” when I was studying in Mexico I found their teaching methods so straightforward and unique this along with my experience of college courses via online helped me both find my true passion and gave me an idea to make WIRED2TECH because I want to teach the world and I believe everyone should have access to education in information technology  because it is the future”

beside the already amazing mission, he has he also extended his startup to create news articles on challenging subjects like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; he even created a mobile app for WIRED2TECH called WIRED2TECH LIVE! that he says is the updated version of the old app that now allows users to use a mini quiz to test their knowledge and access the website directly from within the app. In another light, he said that getting his startup to popularity is extremely difficult mainly because he said ” when most people browse the internet they’re usually looking for entertainment like funny cat videos or anime and such, so you can’t expect much interest in real educational material to be easy to gain so that’s why I do a lot of my own mass marketing and I even extended my startup to conduct reports on very difficult subject that are very popular today it’s all to gain people’s attention”

But when we asked what truly driven him to pursue his dream despite these setbacks, he said ” I was always truly inspired by my ancestors despite my name, on my maternal side I’m a Garza we come from a group of Sephardic Jews that  settled in the north of new Spain or what’s now known as north Mexico and south Texas during the time of the inquisition; and from this I can tell you they truly made something from nothing imagine coming from somewhere like Spain at such a bad time to the desert in the middle of nowhere and actually make it habitable and actually create  something from a cruel dry desert that no one wanted, to an oasis that produced one of the largest profits for the government; that is truly amazing and when I think of that I always remember to never give up because there is always a way and there is always more than just this”

Download WIRED2TECH here.

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