That Amazing Deal You Got With Air Transat Likely A Glitch

Customers who had booked cheap airfares – $150 round trip to Paris, $260 roundtrip Toronto-Venice, for example – have seen their purchase canceled, according to Global News.

A computer error was the cause of the problem, according to an Air Transat’s spokesman. Some customers who have received formal confirmation should be able to use their tickets, while others will see their reservation canceled.

“Some tickets booked on Friday afternoon were not issued. We are presently working with customers who experienced this problem in order to assist them with their travel plans,” Debbie Cabana with Air Transat said.

“Bookings that have been completed will be honored. We are working to re-establish reservations that have not been completed for customers who have a file number.”

Annie Picard, who lives in Montreal, was not so lucky. On Friday she booked an Air Transat ticket from Toronto and Paris for $267.

“I found the flight on Next Departure. Then, I booked with Momondo and received a confirmation (with an order number) via FareBoom. However, this stated that it wasn’t a final confirmation nor a travel document and that I should wait for the ticket from Air Transat,” she said.

According to Global News, airline booking sites such as YYZ Deals and Next Departure immediately warned their customers that such low prices could be the result of a mistake and telling them to wait before booking other flights or hotels.

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