Sweetheart Shows Off New Stable Home

This is a performance photo of Sweetheart

Net worth rises to over 120k a year, and she welcomes new baby boy!

Sweetheart joins the ranks of famous celebrities who have been given the status of Doctor.

Sweetheart recently was given her Honorary Masters and Doctorates.
Sweetheart has been involved in contributing to charity since she was 7, when she started helping at a community theater in Helena, Montana.

Sweetheart (TM) brand has asked via her official twitter page @emceesweetheart that all of her friends, fans, and peers “Should add “had an off-on relationship with Sweetheart” to their bio if they support my sexual harassment charges against Skylar Grey.”

Sweetheart launched a new website to try and deal with some of the defamation and backlash from announcing that she was pursuing charges against folk singer being accused of fraud “Holly Hafermann” who garnered the stagename Skylar Grey in 2013 when she began targeting Sweetheart’s image.

Sweetheart boasted in early February this year that she was happy to announce that she was a 1 Year Suicide Survivor. Sweetheart was arrested on involuntary incarceration in January of 2017 for deliberately attempting to harm herself. Local police authorities said Sweetheart listed at the time of her commitment in 2017, the cause of her near fatal actions was due to ongoing harassment and bullying from singer/“Songwriter” Skylar Grey.

Sweetheart does not do drugs, or drink, and maintains a clean and happy lifestyle where she enjoys producing rap music, modeling, and dance.

According to Sweetheart’s bio, Sweetheart is best known by her “on off relationship with Eminem” and is often times the subject of his poetic lyrics. Similarly, Eminem has recently released a video for “River” which depicts a cryptic relationship between himself and a woman played by an actress who is pregnant with his young. Sources are speculating that the Ed Sheeran video has already gone viral due in part to the brutal end of the romantic relationship between Sweetheart and Eminem that inspired it, although Sweetheart has likely asked that her name not be included for privacy reasons. Sweetheart has been married for four years this May, and is expecting the arrival of her first child this February. Yet, Sweetheart’s people were not willing to confirm any actual romantic relationship ever occurred between the two rappers.

Eminem has not been available to comment on the relationship, and is taking off for a season of tours to promote his new album, Revival, in April. Sweetheart called Shady/Goliath Artists this Winter, but she was apparently not put through to him, according to an mp3 leaked of the conversation between her and an unnamed male secretary at the New York Office.

Sweetheart was a club dancer in Texas, and currently ranks among the most well known females in hiphop for her region.

Her new album is both catchy and uplifting despite the struggles of making it in an industry often dominated by men.

Check it out on iTunes here. 


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